Change of Plans

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Do you want him?

Blaecleah stood. Tried to stand. “Hey! Hey, that wasn’t the deal! That wasn’t what I agreed to.” He was still kneeling. Damnit. He tried to stand again. Failed again. “I agreed to be yours.”

“Shh. Steady.” Sedge dropped a hand on his shoulder. His hand was warm and soft, big. Blaecleah shifted his weight from knee to knee.

“This wasn’t what I agreed to.” This time his voice was quiet. He sounded like a kid. That’s not what he wanted, either. “We had a deal. You don’t think I can hack it?”

“I’m pretty sure you could. But you don’t give off the vibe of being into guys – are you?”

Into. “Is this whole place about sex?”

“Well, yeah.” Sedge laughed. “I mean, there’s magic and classes, too, but yeah, really. We’re teenagers and there’s a world to repopulate. This place has a lot of sex.” He tapped the back of Blaecleah’s neck. “This, being Mine, it’s generally a lot about sex.”

Blaecleah twisted to look up at Tall Guy. Sedge. “I. Um. I dunno. Never done sex. Might like guys?”

“Look at ‘Obe and tell me if you’d rather do her or do me.”

He found his head turning, found himself looking Niobe up and down. Blushing. “Um. Her. But she just said…”

“There’s ways around that. So. You think you can handle a year under her collar? She’s not gonna be easy on you because she’s a girl, you know. The collar’s gonna be tough no matter who you wear it under.”

Blaecleah managed a laugh. “Sounds like you’re trying to sell me on this.” He paused. He swallowed, but the thought wouldn’t go away. “Or just sell me.’

“Does sound like you’re trying to convince him more than me.” Niobe’s hand landed on Blaecleah’s shoulder. “Which is fair. What do you say, Blaecleah?”

“I’m not trying to back out of the deal.” It felt like the ground was falling out from under him. “I’m not. I can handle it. I said I could handle it.”

“I believe you, kid. I do. What do you say, ‘Obe?”

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