Escape From Rochester (Camp Nano July’14 project) Prequil Vignette: Dorian

Fifth in a series of stories leading up to my Camp Nano Project – this one stars Dorian.

For information on the events they’re discussing, see [ profile] faeapoclive and [ profile] faeapoclive

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“I don’t get it.” Dorian’s shoulder was touching mine. I didn’t think she noticed, that or the way her knee was pressed against mine, or the way the short curls of her hair were wrapped around her ear.

Because I didn’t think she noticed, I tried not to notice. We weren’t here to talk about physical contact; we were here because she wanted to take the world apart and put it back together, and I’d suggested I might have a wrench or two.

If not a wrench, I at least had access to a couple parts of the blueprint. So I had pulled out the most useful books on the subject I knew, and I was slowly levitating a leaf in front of Dorian while she poked it with all sorts of instruments.

“I don’t get it.” It wasn’t exactly repeating herself; she’d changed the tone. There was a different it this time, I thought. “Gravity works, it’s one of the constants. So telekinesis oughtn’t work.”

“There are quite a few constants.” I could’ve, I guess, told her everything. Habits break hard, though, and silence was one of the oldest habits. “But look at those ‘portals’ – they’re one of the ways that the universe shortcuts itself. And there’s, well, smaller shortcuts here and there, too.”

“The universe has cheat codes?”

This was a lot easier to explain to gamers and geeks. “Yeah. The universe has cheat codes.

“So what happens if I Up, Up, Down, Down, Left, Right, Left, Right, B, A, Start?”

“Look, if you can figure out the Start button on the universe… let me know.”

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