Journaling Try 1 Day 1

Yesterday I:

~ Worked. Waking up was hard.
~ Stacked wood. We have wood. We have So Much Wood (over 4 full cord to move).
* found a chunk of asphalt in the wood. Don’t think we’ll burn that .
~ Finished taking apart the old, broken, yard wagon, with a modicum of swearing.

– Watched the end of an episode of Cutthroat and 1-1/2 episodes of Almost Human with T., then an episode of Supernatural with myself.

~ Wrote 1837 words
~ Logged all calories
~ Walked to the post office/bank (wow, it was hot yesterday

Dinner was salmon, pan-fried, with roasted vegetables (Brussels sprouts, asparagus, garlic, onion) and the last of the farmstand bread with a bit of fancypants butter. Dessert: standard Tollhouse homemade chocolate-chip cookies and then a sip of raspberry liqueur whilst T. pulled the last of the hawthorn thorn out of my finger.

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