So, the More, Please tag is back in rotation, & I’m indecisive

Something you want to see more of in that tag?

or the “ack, more” tag:

or the “and then what?” tag:


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0 thoughts on “So, the More, Please tag is back in rotation, & I’m indecisive

  1. Yup, more please! 🙂 <thumbs through some of the tags> I’m inclined to de-tag some of the ones that’ve been followed up on (and in some cases tag the most recent followup). Actually doing all of that is a pile of work though. … bother, I was supposed to do something with tagging character origins ages and ages ago, wasn’t I?

      • Character list, and particularly calling out first appearances, for DND, I think. And character tagging. Maybe. It’s been a while. <looks guilty>

          • Ah! Yes, that sort of list. Definitely guilty. At some point you mentioned a list of things you were thinking about as possible upcoming projects, which included several Of Interest To Me, but I don’t remember the details and it was deep in comments on a post whose topic I’ve forgotten. Maybe? Probably, and I have spaced the details?

              • 😛 Now I am *curious*, and that’s three months away! <ponders archive digging> Of course, you’re probably only writing one nanovel, and digging up a list of options doesn’t tell me which one you’ll pick. 🙂

                • So, right now the main contenders are an Aunt Family story following probably-Evangaline-and-Beryl, or a Genique story starting over from the beginning. There’s sort of a tiddle of something Fairy City or the Dark Fairy City thing I’ve been playing with there, too.

  2. Things I’d like to see more of: Unwelcome guests, Tangles and Knots, Space accountant, Uncle, Bracken and DJ, A is for Antlers, Strange Favors, Moving Forward (Wren/Nydia), What to Do With (Thornburn & Ceinwen).

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