Sigh, lumber.

Last week, I took Thursday off, was going to pick up the boards raising 4 of our 8 raised beds up another 8″ (for root things). They’d said the boards were in… weren’t.

(This is a small family-owned-style lumber mill that only does locust wood, not very organized.)

Today, I took the day off – going to pick up boards, a bridesmaid’s dress, and stack some wood – can’t get ahold of anyone at the lumber place.

Maybe carrots will wait till next year. <.<

In the meantime! We have 4+ cord of wood in our driveway. 😀 Love it. Solid assets. It makes me feel warm just looking at it.

Made cheesecake Wednesday (a small-batch, chocolate/white chocolate swirl), ate it Thursday So very tasty. Dinner was shrimp noodles and shrimp with spinach, spear grass, and curry sauce. Om nom.

And tomorrow is our wedding anniversary!!

Hard to believe it’s been 10 years.

Edited to add… Um. I can’t add. And it’s hard to believe it’s been 10 – because it’s been 12 years.

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  1. Happy anniversary! Nothing is quite as future-cozy-safe-feeling as having a nice pile of wood for the fire. 🙂

    • Happy anniversary from me too! Glad to see you’re getting your wood in good time. My father used to deliver sawmill offcuts for fire wood and the number of people who left it until the beginning of winter to ring up and order wood…

      • We get our wood off our own land, and have a few years worth at this point, mostly from clearing for our garage last spring! Before that, it was windstorm clean-up, and we’ve got enough trees that we’ll be able to thin for a looooong time without really impacting our woods. We do get spruce once in a while, since it burns so much differently than the birch we have in such abundance.

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