I’ll try to get pictures soon (keeps raining, that’s my excuse and I’m sticking to it) but I finally got winter squash in the garden yesterday:

2 spaghetti squash
1 “carnival” squash
1 “table ace” squash
1 Buttercup
and, sadly, only one
1 Butternut squash (everyone was out!)

We already have one yellow crookneck summer squash and several cucumbers in, and I may replant the volunteer squash plants that came up in a yet-unfinished bed from my compost.

Now I just need to eat the last butternut from last year’s crop!

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  1. Om nom nom! Can you tell what your volunteer squash are, or will that be a surprise when they fruit? (I’ve a vague notion that squashes hybridize enthusiastically, but no reference for that.)

    • Surprise! I mean, once they get a bit bigger I can guess at what general type of cucurbitaceae they are, but until I get fruit I won’t know if it’s hybridized or not (yes, they do, IIRC).

    • Late on the comment, I know! Squash do easily hybridize. My sister grows squash and sells the seeds, and had to hsnd-polinate with a paintbrush and bag the flowers to be sure her plants breed true and she is indeed selling Blue Hubbard seeds. It is amazingly tedious!

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