Theme Mini-#PromptCall: Impossible Situations!

It’s almost November, and the Dungeon Call was so successful, I almost forgot about the October theme!

I’m taking prompts on the theme “Impossible Situations;” I’ll write at least 100 words to at least the first five prompters.

Prompt in any setting, any characters. I’ll see what I can do!

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  1. You can’t get there from here on Thursdays, except this time you have to. Floating lakes. What fantastic creatures don’t believe in turns out to be real.

  2. * The aliens will only leave Earth Alpine if we give them unicorns — and this isn’t an urban fantasy. * The timer is down to less than two minutes, leaving the building would take more than five minutes, and the bomb squad hasn’t even been contacted yet. * An American slave in Tir na Cali desires to be freed rather than merely escaping (IIRC freeing them would violate law). * Very blatant fantasy race family gets transported to Earth and tries to fit in unnoticed.

  3. The familiar is allergic to the baby, or vice versa. The consequences of breaking a curse. Deborah (over in the Aunt Family).

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