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Nano Day Three: First and Last lines of yesterday, names needed.

First line of yesterday: She shoved Guiesswin to the decks as the streaks of silver dove from the sky.

Last line of yesterday: “If you say [name name 2], I will drop a rock on you and leave you here for the Blanks to find.”

I wrote 2506 words yesterday, bringing my total to 7,577.

People & Places named/Need Naming:
…  So four hundred [town town] dollars…"

are now Wyvian dollars, from the town of Wyverness.  Thanks, Sky!

[Name Name], who brought Guiesswin over the mountains, and [Name Name 2], another who does Emilia’s job, are still unnamed.  Rix suggested a surname of Morgernstern for one of them. 

In Addition

I need a [west place], equivalent to the eastern edge of the Breadbasket, and another name for Boston. 

And now I write. 

Note: RTF editor in Dreamwidth is SO not worth not typing in <>.

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