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Intro to Doomsday: Thirds

Cya leaned against the wall and stared blankly at her office. The principal’s office, ha, and how much time had she spent there growing up, a lifetime and a world and kids, grand-kids, and great-grandchildren ago.

“This is the year.”

The boy – man, give him that – at the desk didn’t look up. He was shuffling papers, and probably regretting ever talking to the redhead leaning on Maureen’s fence. “Which year? It’s the eighth year of an eight-grade school. It’s a full roster year.”

He might not even know. “It’s the year my granddaughter – mine and Leo’s – comes to school.”

That caught his attention. “You and Leo, err, Lightning-Blade? Inazuma?”

Cya didn’t mean to chuckle, but the look was so – so very. This one was so much more thoughtful than so many of the boys she’d Kept, so much more serious. And he still got that look.

It was different than the Howard look, she mused. But then again, she’d never had a child with Howard.

Yet. They were still young, as fae went. There were always possibilities.

The boy – man – her Kept recovered quickly. “I thought Leo was… I didn’t think you two had…”

“He is and we didn’t.” It had stopped hurting when she said that. Hell, she’s known that before she’d known she was in love with him. “But we’re fae. We have two children together, Viddie and Mai. And Viddie’s third child is Sweetbriar.”

“Oh!” He glanced at the roster. “Sweetbriar… sh’Ce’Rilla, that’s a mouthful.”

She couldn’t help but chuckle. “Orlaith – ‘Rilla’s mother – tells me when she & Silas had her third, she told him ‘no punctuation.’ Some people have strange ideas of appropriate names.”

“Like Cyndequil?”

“Like Cyndequil.” She patted his head. “How your father even- That’s another matter. Like that.”

Quill – he of the unfortunately Pokemon name – shrugged it off. “So – your granddaughter?” He did the math. “Your first one not promised to Addergoole.” He did some more math. He was good with math, after all. “It makes me wonder…”

Quill might look like so many of the other boys she had collared over the years, but she had chosen him for far different reasons. Cya let him think. He usually ended up somewhere interesting.

He shot her a look that was half guilty and half pensive. “…maybe I ought to start thinking about my own third.”

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