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Partners, a drabble of Yoshi & Dáirine

Set at the end of Yoshi’s second year & Dairine’s first year of Addergoole.

“We could be…” Yoshi waved his hands around. “…Partners.”

“What’s…” Dáirine imitated the hand-waving… “partners?”

“Like my mother and Viddie’s dad, or like your father and Ciara.”

“Those sound like two completely different things.”

Yoshi huffed. “You know what I mean.”

She huffed right back at him, unbothered. “No, Yoshi, I don’t.”

“I mean – partners. People who have each other’s backs. People who watch out for each other.”

She wrinkled her brow at him. “That doesn’t sound like either your mom and – Leo, or my dad and Ciara.” The hesitation before Leo was strange, but she talked over it. “That sounds like crew. Which, I might point out, we already are.”

“But more than crew. I mean.”

“Yoshi, you can say dating. Or fucking. The twins aren’t old enough to know either word.”

“But this is Addergoole, and those stupid rules mean we both need our second even though we have two.” He flopped into his chair, tail askew and ears crooked.

Dai leaned over and tousled his hair. “Honey, this is Addergoole. We can be a couple and still have babies with other people if we want.”

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Here Again, a ficlet of Doomsday (@inventrix)

This takes place before Luke’s visit to Doomsday by some time but after Doomsday begins. Links later, when awake..

“Here again?”

Cynara was early this year.

“I do that. When I don’t, people start to worry.”

She was perched on the fence outside of Lady Maureen’s; Luke had come around the side of the house.

“People get nervous when routines change.” He sat down on a nearby bench, his wings spread. “But you’re back.”

“Are you here to stop me?” She wondered idly what she’d do if he was. The Village was Addergoole property, after all.

“Nope.” She thought she might have surprised a smile on his face.

“I’ve wondered about that, you know. Why you haven’t.” She leaned forward, weight on her knees and her tail counterbalancing over the back of the fence.

“I’d have been disappointed with you if you didn’t wonder.”

“You – Addergoole – came to check on me the first few years.”

“They did.” Yes, Luke was smiling.

“And then you stopped. Of course, there was the end of the world-“

“The kids you Kept were fine. And we decided – I decided that it wasn’t our job to get between two consenting Adults and what they chose to do. Besides.” His wings twitched a bit. “If they got caught that easily, maybe they needed the lesson.”

Cya found herself smiling. “And sometimes they volunteer.”

“And sometimes they volunteer.” He smiled back, for a moment, but then his expression turned serious again. “Look. I’ve talked to the cy’Luca’s you’ve Kept, afterwards. Most of them seemed more thoughtful and more, mmm, adult than when they left me.”

“Some people just need a bit of a polish.” Cya shrugged. “You’re not stopping me now – when you know they’re going to Boom Town, to help Doomsday

“Still not our job to get between two consenting Adults and what they choose to do.” His wings twitched. “We argued about that, too.”

“Why are you telling me this?”

“Because you’re smart enough to figure out that Addergoole is not a monolith.”

She studied him for a moment. “When Regine turned me down…”

His wings were completely still. “Not everyone was happy with it. We’re not sure we trust you-“

“That’s all right.” Cya didn’t smile this time. “We’re pretty sure we don’t trust you.”

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