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Doomsday: Discussing the Student List (@inventrix, @skysailor99)

I hope I got him right I hope I got him right

“Solon? Solon Dragon-Chaser?” Leo was leaning over Cya’s shoulder, looking at her list of parents-of-potential-students. “Solon Dragon-Chaser, hunh. Surprised he’s still alive.”

“The people in the town he’s in called him Scholar Solon.”

“Yeah. Heh.” Leo leaned back, smiling. “We called him that, too, or Doctor Solon. He had always read a book on something, whatever we were fighting.”

Cya resisted taking notes. “What happened to him?”

“He went off to one of those enclaves, you know, the ones in the middle of the old cities? Up north somewhere, I think. Something about a woman.” Leo trailed off, staring off into space.

Cya didn’t know what to do when he did that, had never known, so she did what had served her well for decades: ignored it. “The clerk in their town – it’s a farm town now, one of the ones that stayed out of the war and pretty much didn’t change except the walls?”

“Mmm.” Presumably, Leo had seen those, but, just as presumably, some place that bordered itself against gods and bandits alike had not been high on his visiting rota when he’d been monster-hunting. Cya didn’t like to ask, and so she didn’t.

“Well, the clerk was very helpful. I told him I was looking up family that had gotten scattered.” It was a story that served her well in some towns, the ones less scarred and thus less suspicious. “She’ll be ten in July.”

“Solon Dragon-Chaser’s daughter?” Leo grinned. “Yes!”

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