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Cure for Boredom

As we work on filling in the later years of the AG Roster, I like to tall little stories of how x guy ended up with x girl to make xx baby. So here’s one of those stories.

JohnWayne, you’ve met plenty times before. Azariah is the daughter of two back-story characters: Abednego and Birgit. This is set in JohnWayne’s second year of school

“You look bored.”

JohnWayne sighed. The dance floor was full of beautiful girls. The brunette in the rose-pink dress? Had turned out to be his half sister. The one in royal blue? Could not be pinned down; she bent space and time.

That one over there – well, that had turned out to be a boy. Which was fine for some, but JohnWayne was, if nothing else, looking to fill his second grad requirement. And the 29th Cohort was smaller than many others, the ghosts of those who hadn’t made it as visible on the floor as the pretty girls.

“Bored would be one word for it,” he admitted.

“Here, I bought you a drink.” From behind him, a long-nailed hand pressed a glass into his hand. “John, right? Yoshi’s girl Kept you last year?”

“Dáirine. Yeah. And it’s JohnWayne.” He took the drink and turned to see who his mysterious benefactor was.

He had the drink to his lips when he turned, and had to make a quick assessment. She had her Mask up, but the eys were still the same. They flickered with electricity over the blue-sky color.

He swallowed a few sips of the drink, wondering if he’d regret it. “Azariah. Uh. Thanks for the drink.”

Her smile became more gentle. “I’m not going to drug you and drag you off the floor. But if you’re finding hunting frustrating this year…”

JohnWayne looked at her, really looked at her. “…I’m probably not the only one, am I?”

“Look, I know Pippa was rough. But that’s Pippa. We could work out a contract.”

JohnWayne swallowed. “You want to Keep me.”

“Well, it beats trying to Keep your sister, doesn’t it?”

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