More Brassica Planting!

Tuesday, I put more brassicae in the ground!

This time it was a row of Brussels Sprouts, which despite growing like a tall stick of vegetation, require like 18″ of spacing. I like planting stuff close together – French Intensive Gardening or Square Foot Gardening style – so spacing things that far apart is weird. But they don’t seem to thrive without the space.

Then a row of cabbage. Cabbage! We’ll see if we actually eat it…

I’ve got room for one more row in this bed. I think it’ll be half kale and half broccoli.

Gooooooo Team Brassica!

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  1. Wacky! I’ve seen stalks of buds in the grocery store before, but not photos of still-growing brussels sprouts with the top whorl of leaves. Neat! Perhaps you could plant something short around the brussels sprouts once they’re established?

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