Kin and More Kin

After Kith & Kin

“There are ten,” Caitrin told Regine. “Ten of them, and as far as I can tell they’re genetically identical. You can’t bring them in all at once; it would be half a class. But if they Change early…”

Regine had considered the problem for a moment. “We’ll start them early, and bring them in two at a time. That should give them time to adjust to their clone siblings.”

“At least one more.” Trijntje walked into the suite she shared with Kat and two non-clones. The non-clones — Aria and Mariah — were nowhere to be seen, common for when they had sister-company over. “She looks like she belongs to one of the superreligious cults, that’ll be fun.”

Caileigh coughed quietly. She was the one of the two fourth-year sister-clones this year, and had always been the shyest of them. “Maybe, ah, maybe I should talk to her? It can be hard, coming here, if you grew up in a Simple place.”

Only Caileigh could capitalize Simple with her voice. She capitalized a lot of words; Trijntje couldn’t imagine what she’d been like when she first showed up. “You’re in charge this year. You and Ríona.” She nodded her head at the other older-sister-clone. “She’s pretty obvious, I mean, she’s wearing one of those smock-dress things.” Her hands trailed over her tight shirt, indicating the baggy pleated-front of the new clone-sister’s dress. “And a bonnet. And also, she might be fainting.”

“Three!” Ríona glared disapprovingly at Trijntje. “You didn’t let yourself get seen, did you?”

“Well, a little, yeah.” She shrugged her shoulders. “I’m new at this, remember? Last year, I was the new girl.

“Besides,” she added, in a mutter she knew her sister-clones would hear, “I wanted to see if she recognized me.”

Echoing silence pounded at Trijntje from all three of her sister-clones. She turned away and stared resolutely at the wall. How had she ended up the freak, when they were all, technically, the same person?

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  1. So, Regine is now studying their Changes, is she? Are they all identical Changes and if not, what is the variation?

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