All the Schools Ever: Addergoole East


Dean Storm (Kailani)

Tempest, her granddaughter and a doctor

Petra, daughter of Taro, the Dean’s bodyguard.

Kavan Pensus (seems to teach martial arts; male)

Houses: possibly by this comment –

Motto: “We Learn so that we might improve.”
“To learn, ergo, to improve.”



Professor Heron (name pending)
5 ft. 8 in. tall., slim athletic build, mid back tight curls black hair.
bluegrey eyes, ebony skin.

waterbird related Change; Significant physical Changes include hands and/or feet
Innate ability can transform furnishings in some way.

She teaches Transfiguration?

She teaches applied mathmatics and was a friend of Reid Solomon’s. While she had no interest in the original program, she liked the idea of teaching fae children.
Her best words are Yaku and eperu.

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