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A Change in Routine, a story (beginning) for @InspectrCaracal

Luke was waiting for Cya at the fence around Lady Maureen’s.

She was, she’d admit, predictable, but never in the sixty years that she’d been doing this had Luke stopped her. Talked to her, yes. Chatted, asked questions, sometimes even second-guessed her choices.

Something was different in his posture this time. There was something about the set of his feet and the spread of his wings that told her he wasn’t going to wait patiently, and he wasn’t here to chat.

Cya shifted her own posture, making sure she could feel the weight of every weapon she carried. She couldn’t win a fight with Luca Hunting-Hawk, certainly not on his territory. But she could make sure she got away and survived long enough to call in Boom.

He stepped forward. “Cya.”

“Sir.” She noticed, then, that he had his body and wings angled oddly. Hiding something? “Nice weather this year.”

“I have something for you.”

That’s what I’m worried about. “Sir?” He never had been great at small talk.

“I’m not something!” The complaint came from behind Luke; he shifted, folded his wings, and hauled a young man in front of him.

He was blonde, with a look Cynara recognized well – the chin, the nose, although the eyes were different. He looked more like Howard than like Leo, but they often did. And he looked not very close to either of them — but that made sense, because it’d been generations, and not every child of Aelfgar could’ve managed to have children with a sibling.

Unlike any of her favorite Aelf-get, he had a crown of horns radiating out of his blonde curls like a sunburst. Like many of them, he was wearing a seemingly perpetual scowl.

“Cya Red Doomsday, this is Apollo the Sun-fire. Apollo, this is the woman I was telling you about.”

Cya raised her eyebrows. “I don’t really do unwilling, Luke.” She couldn’t miss the way the Hawk’s fingers were pressing into the boy’s forearm.

“You used to.”

“I used to be a child. We were all children, once.” This conversation was not going where she’d thought it would. “I grew up.”

“That’s the problem.” He pushed Apollo forward; the boy tried to resist, but Luke was a force of nature. “This one didn’t. He managed to sit through four years of Addergoole and I don’t think he learned a damn thing, not the important stuff. He’s going to get himself killed out there.”

“He’s right here.” Apollo shifted as far away from Luke as the grip on his arm would allow. “And I’ll be fine. Look, I know how to fight. I’ll be able to take on anything I run into out there.”

Cya sighed quietly. “I see what you’re saying. But the thrill of the fight got old a long time ago, Luke, and I have my hands full.”

Apollo leered at her. “I’ll give you a fight, Lady.”

“Red Doomsday.” Luke’s voice grew soft and formal. “I am fond of this idiot, and he was my student. I am asking you a favor, that perhaps you might succeed where I have failed. It is not a small favor, and I pay my debts.”

Cya let that hang in the air. She looked the boy, pout, spikes, blonde hair, up and then down again.

“You.” She nodded at the kid. “You Belong to me for the next year.”

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Damage Control, a very-likely-non-canon story of Cynara (And Leo), c. 2009

The call came while they were watching TV after dinner: Supernatural, which amused Cynara on one level and reminded her of school in a whole different way.

“Got it,” she answered. The kids were listening, so she tried to make her voice sound reassuring. “I’ll take care of it. Thanks.”

On TV, the Brothers Winchester were fretting about how one couldn’t be a monster hunter and have a family. Cynara pulled her Kept aside. He was new, but he was already proving himself to be reliable and reasonably level-headed.

“Look, I’ve got to take care of a thing.” She saw Yoshi was watching her, but what could she do? The life sort of came up on you, regardless of if you had kids or not. “Everything should be okay here, but if anyone comes to the door, if anything strange happens — look, this is not an order, I am trusting you to use your judgement. But if it gets scary, lock yourself and the kids in the bedroom – their bedroom, the windows are protected – and stay out of sight, okay?”

He was fresh out of Addergoole; things being weird really didn’t faze him. He nodded. “Do what you have to do, boss.”

Maybe she was getting better at picking them. “Thanks, hon.” She gave him a kiss, hugged the kids and told them to behave, picked up Go Bag #3, and headed out.

Her first stop was a quick Find, looking for SWAT-worthy crime that hadn’t been noticed by the cops yet. She slipped on her gloves, and, standing across the road and behind a tree, made a hurried 9-1-1 call.

“I think they’re selling guns,” she whispered worriedly. “And they have some woman tied up…”

It was a bad scene, but nothing the cops couldn’t handle. And it would keep them busy.

She dropped the phone in a garbage can a few blocks away and made another call of a similar nature a few miles away. Once she’d gotten the third one down — it was amazing how much crime went on unnoticed in this city — she started making the other calls.

Her friend at 9-1-1 wasn’t supposed to give away any information, but he could confirm three phone calls of a man with “some sort of sword.” He could also deny that there had been any calls of anyone being attacked. Yet.

A quick web search told her the three most likely targets; the two that were most likely innocent got a call in from her second and third burner phones, a bomb threat and a weather warning. She dropped those phones in the river and a garbage can, respectively, and hopped back in the car.

The trick wasn’t finding him. Cynara could find him anywhere on the planet. The trick was minimizing the possible damage.

She made one more call, this one from her own call. “I’ve got it in hand.” The police were thoroughly distracted. The potential victims — the ones that were probably not actually Nedetakaei — were warned. Now all she had to do was either help Leo kill monsters or talk him down from killing innocent people.

She made another phone call, just in case, and kept driving.

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The Poll Has Spoken: July Patreon Theme

The poll has been polled, the numbers counted, and the results for July are: More, please.

I have this habit of writing things that end on cliffhangers, you may have noticed. So this theme is the chance to go Hey, that story you wrote last year? Write more of it, ‘kay?

As always, I will write the following Patreon stories:

$5 level – a Patron-only microfiction (or, in this case, micro-continuation)

$20 level – a Patron-only flash fiction (or about 750-1250 words of continuation)

$30 level – if I gain any $7+ Patrons, they may prompt for a private continuation.

And, if we get up to $40 (two more $5 Patrons! or 10 more $1 Patrons!), then we can talk about the Patreon Serial!!

Check out my Patreon here –

And let me know if there’s any story — preferably from my Patreon, but anything here in DW/LJ too — that’s just been demanding a continuation. You might try (150 posts!) or the comments here –

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