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Down, Down, Down, a continuation of Doug for Patreon – open to everyone!

“Down, Down, Down” has been posted here. It comes after the second portion of Into the History of Addergoole, and delves into the plotline of Addergoole: Year 9.

Doug was back in a war zone. They were in the bowels of Addergoole, battling creatures that would not see reason. They’d brought Agmund down with them — three of Doug’s cy’ree, two of Luke’s, and two of Agmund’s were guarding the rear, in case anything got through — but these creatures seemed impervious to Panida Workings. Just in case, they’d tried Intinn and Tlacatl. Nothing.

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Edit: This is open for everyone! I was thinking that Fox Hunt was my free post for last month – and it wasn’t! So Fox Hunt’s requested continuation will be my Patrons-only short short fic for the month, and this is my free fic. Backwards!

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