The Poll Has Spoken: July Patreon Theme

The poll has been polled, the numbers counted, and the results for July are: More, please.

I have this habit of writing things that end on cliffhangers, you may have noticed. So this theme is the chance to go Hey, that story you wrote last year? Write more of it, ‘kay?

As always, I will write the following Patreon stories:

$5 level – a Patron-only microfiction (or, in this case, micro-continuation)

$20 level – a Patron-only flash fiction (or about 750-1250 words of continuation)

$30 level – if I gain any $7+ Patrons, they may prompt for a private continuation.

And, if we get up to $40 (two more $5 Patrons! or 10 more $1 Patrons!), then we can talk about the Patreon Serial!!

Check out my Patreon here –

And let me know if there’s any story — preferably from my Patreon, but anything here in DW/LJ too — that’s just been demanding a continuation. You might try (150 posts!) or the comments here –

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