A Clever? Addergoole Idea

I came up with this idea last night, something a bunch of upperclassmen might come up with ~Yr16-Yr19

Rather than leaving the whole Keeping thing up to hope-and-chance, right after Regine’s orientation, they bring all the new kids into the gym/somewhere for a “meet n’ greet and mentor set-up.” This consists of something like speed dating, where each new kid meets each upperclassman that’s interested in “mentoring new students;” I.e., having a Kept.

The administration allows this on a few caveats, one of which is that part of the meet-and-greet is to allow students to choose several upperclassmen they either DO or DON’T want as their “Mentor”.

All the upperclassmen put in the same information – they’d like x, y, and z, they don’t want A, b, or c Kept. Then a computer program runs random numbers.

If a “want” matches up, that’s the most likely pairing. “Don’t wants” won’t be paired. Obviously, not every upperclassmen will get a Kept. But every new student WILL get a Keeper.

All nice and tidy and SO MANY stories I could write off of this

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2 thoughts on “A Clever? Addergoole Idea

  1. This sounds like it could be a reform attempt after some particularly bad pairing causes big problems.

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