Pickled Daikon

The picture above is what Daikon looks like on seed packets.

What it looks like when allowed to grow IRL is more like the second picture here. Picture that about the size of a small-to-medium butternut squash.

Now picture three of them, two ripped out of the ground by a wind storm.

That’s a lot of daikon.

Daikon, if you haven’t tried them, aren’t as bitey as red radishes. They work well in baked dishes, but, ah, it’s July. We’re not doing much oven work.

They also keep really really well. However, our fridge was getting rather full of long whitish roots.

So we pickled some!

(By “some”, I mean, T sat there with a mandoline matchsticking daikon until the salad bowl was over half full).

We used this recipe, trebled. We used a salad spinner to get the water out, after letting the daikon sit in a colander with its salt. I used half rice vinegar and half distilled white for cost, and I replaced the sake with ginger brandy, ’cause we had it on hand.

We stored them in three old salsa jars in the very-cold back of the fridge.

The pickling juice tasted heavenly. I’ll let you know how the pickled daikon taste in a few days!

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4 thoughts on “Pickled Daikon

  1. Om nom nom taisty daikon! Glad they’re doing well in your garden. Did you plant just three, or are there more waiting to be dug up?

    • There’s one left, we’ve already eaten one or two, and there’s a couple more in the ‘fridge waiting to be eaten. I planted 3’ of Daikon, and thinned as we went. 😀

  2. Hm, I may have to try salt pickling daikon. I’ve done two rounds of sauerkraut and one of cucumber pickles so far. Commercial pickled daikon is made of yum, and I want to see if it’ll turn that lovely shade of yellow for me. Now to lay hands on a daikon…

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