A Letter – Enion Dayton to Leofric

Some 50 years after this and after a meeting between Enion, Cynara, and Leofric roleplayed between Inventrix & I.

Enion Dayton, the Loophole, is Cynara’s father, elsewhere known as Moosedad. He’s also Orlaith’s father, but that is currently unrelated.

(And yes, Orlaith’s daughter Ce’Rilla ends up married to Cynara’s son Viddie. At least she didn’t marry Yoshi, who, like Ce’Rilla, is the child of an Ambrus-get on his father’s side. ;-))

Dear Leofric Lightning-Blade,

Meeting you again – and this time with my daughter Cynara – was certainly an education. The rumors are that you two are close. From the looks of things, you are more capable of swaying her opinion than anyone.

I don’t see why you would try to keep me away from Cynara, unless you have some ulterior motive. If you don’t, I would like you to release me from the promise you forced me into. There is no reason why I shouldn’t be allowed into Cloverleaf. After all, my daughter created it.

You can send your reply to the Halfway Inn, outside of Salvation, in what was once Idaho. I’m sure your messenger can find the place.

Enion Dayton

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3 thoughts on “A Letter – Enion Dayton to Leofric

  1. So what did Enion do (or fail to do) to tick people off so …? “Loophole” is certainly a suggestive Name …

    • The short version is that he was not a wonderful father and laid the ground for the mess that Dysmas made of Cynara’s psyche. And then insists on treating her like a 16-year-old when encountering her 100+ years later.

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