I’m not entirely certain what happened – work stress, life stress, home improvement, summer, probably some combination – but I have been in a bit of a writing slump lately.

I am slowly clawing my way out of it, but I wanted to let everyone know that, indeed, I do still exist as more than a WordPress autoposter. <.<

I feel like doing character studies this week/end, 50-150 words of a given character in a plausible situation.


Give me an extant character in any of my settings (or fanfic I’ve written) (if obscure, give me a link) and a plausible situation, something that ~could~ be canon.

I will write 50-150 words of said character in said situation.

See “character” under my tags for an entirely incomplete list. See Character Lists for characters from Aunt Family, Science! and Planners, as well as a partial list of “Named Male Characters with active personalities/speaking lines.”

Thank you for your aid in beating this slump!

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14 thoughts on “Slump!

  1. Doug at Addergoole, the Cohort it’s his turn to Mentor ‘that kid’ and how he gets started. Fridmar doing ‘magic tricks’ to entertain small children. (perhaps with ducklings?) Autumn getting ready for autumn. I hope these help.

  2. Family dinner with Aud and Sage and Jin and Junie and … does their youngest boy have a name? Dinner guests optional. Stone and Jake hanging out. (Might Robbie and Willard and Jacob and Radar belong on the Aunt Family list of males with personalities and lines?) Radar meets Lam. (Maybe too plotty, but I don’t remember their interactions being settled enough yet for a random later to make sense?)

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