Archive | October 18, 2015

A Matron of Honor Speech for @CaprioxB and @Talikan

When I wrote this for [ profile] Capriox_B & [ profile] talikan yesterday, I told Cap I was having trouble keeping Addergoole and other inappropriate things out of it. So here’s the speech, with a few [additions]. All my love to both of them once again.

[ profile] Capriox_B and I grew up just a few blocks from each other – so close that when her cows get out, they trim my parents’ bushes!

And yet we didn’t meet – didn’t even know each other existed – until we happened on each other in an online forum. [Mei-Lin Miranda’s, as a matter of fact. And from there to Twitter and Strong Heart and the Addergoole game, to Howard and Magnolia and Christmas Eve at Tim Horton’s, and tends of thousands of words of online roleplay…]

Life is funny like that. An icon on a screen, a name on a road, and all of a sudden, I’m surrounded by goats, hanging out with someone that, by chance and coincidence, has turned into one of my best friends.

And when you’re friends, you want your friends to be happy. Really, truly happy.

So when Cap brought [ profile] talikan to meet me – brought him for me to check out – I took it seriously. So I watched. And I was very pleased to see that yes, [ profile] talikan makes my friend very very happy.

He was clever enough to fit himself into her life. He was smart enough to ask her. And he was fast enough to beat her to the punch.

And so we are lucky enough to be here today, to be witness to – and a part of – their happiness.


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