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Patreon Serial Episode One: The Werewolf Episode, Part I

“…right behind Carl Anderson’s house, there, next to that eyesore of a pool that he put in last year.” Tom Esker was a very tidy white man, maybe in his mid-forties, wearing a polo shirt and chinos, pleats perfectly pressed, while he stood in his living room and kvetched about werewolves….

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December Theme Poll!

Hello! It’s time for the December Theme Poll!

These polls determine the theme for Patreon writing for the month, spurring the prompt call and from there several stories.

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For just $1, you can read all the Patreon stories; for $5/month, you can prompt in the prompt calls!

Don’t have Dreamwidth? Please feel free to vote in the comments.

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Dragons, next door or otherwise, a drabble for Kelkyag

written to Kelkyag‘s prompt here. Prequel to the Dragons Next Door stuff.

“Well, what do you think?” Cxaidin looped slowly above the neighborhood, taking care to stay very high up in the air – above the range of everything but surface-to-air missiles. “It’s a bit crowded, yes, but I hear they’re very nice.”

“Humans being very nice is a bit like a volcano being very nice, isn’t it?” Cxaidin’s mate, Zizny, flew just above, peering down at the little neighborhood. “Is that a centaur herd I spy?”

“There are pixies and tinies as well.” Cxaidin let the currents drift its body lower. “And goblins.”

“There are tinies and goblins everywhere, dear. But pixies? Really?” Zizny moved closer to Cxaidin. “And I see harpies. Living that close to humans?”

“Smokey Knoll is special, so they tell me. And we’ve wanted the children to get used to humans.”

“It’s get used to them or get rid of them all.” Zizny snorted smoke. “So I suppose, yes. We could hatch an egg there, live there for a while. And that castle down there, that looks perfect. Do we conquer it?”

“Close, dear. I’ve offered to buy out the family currently living there. Ogres, and they think the neighbors smell funny.”

“Ogres think everything smells funny. Well, I suppose.” With two mighty flaps, Zizny gained more air. “As long as nobody shoots at us. I really dislike it when they do that.”

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Frustrations on Weight Loss

(Xposted from Twitter)

The problem I’m facing as I look at “I want to and physically need to lose weight, stat,” is that there is very little I find as pleasurable and/or as comforting as food, specifically, sugar and fat, so all my relaxation/comfort is based around food and/or sloth. I have no self-stress-relief (Except walking) or self-reward that doesn’t involve either curling up and doing nothing or eating or both.

And yes, Feast Day is not the best day to be thinking about it.

But I want to lose 4 lbs by Jan 1st and 10 by Mar 1, 20 by June 1st… So I need to DO something.
And I don’t know how to make myself STICK to it.

I wonder if I could use Habitaca (sp?) just for that…

Edited to add:

Things I am going to do include – Going back on weight watchers (the old system). And using a spreadsheet so I can play with numbers. I like playing with numbers.
Giving myself different goals. Goals I can measure quickly – like points in/exercise out – and then weight goals.
Going back to stepping on the scale every day. Every. Single. Day. And writing it down.
Starting Sunday.

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Giving Thanks

It’s Thanksgiving day in America, and so I ask the indulgence of my international friends while I give thanks.

I am, as always, grateful for my husband. I’m grateful for good friends and for loving family.

I’m grateful for modern medicine, for the internet, for running water and electricity and microwaves and food processors, without which cooking today’s feast would be much more time-consuming & difficult.

I’m grateful for Terry Pratchett, may his name always be spoken, and Robert Heinlein, may he find his way home, for Jim Butcher and Elizabeth Bear, CS Lewis and Lewis Carroll and J.K. Rowling… and Tom Baker.

I’m grateful for public libraries and school libraries and Mrs. Thayer, who didn’t know what to do with me so sent me to the library. I’m grateful for Mr. Lynd, who put up with me, and every teacher and professor who made the effort.

And I am grateful for readers, for people who seem to enjoy my stories, so that I can keep telling them.

Happy Thanksgiving, my friends.

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Open for Commissions

Guys, I have 1200 words of commissions on my to-write plan for this month, and no commissions to write!

(and we all know I like to stick to the plan, don’t we…)

Every have something you really wanted to see me write?

Or something left you saying “More, Please!”

Now’s the time!

My commission rate is 2¢/word, with a minimum commission of $4/200 words.

There’s normally a discount over $20 to $5/300 words or 5/3¢ ($0.01667) a word, which means that a $20 commission will get you the 1200 words mentioned in my target goal.

If you commission all 1200 words in my to-write, I’ll cut you a small discount and give you 1200 words for $18. That’s $0.015/word!

Got an idea? Leave a comment here or e-mail me at thornealder/gmail.
Got some money? Here’s the Paypal link 🙂

200-word Commission Slots Open:
1. chanter_greenie
2. chanter_greenie
3. chanter_greenie

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Into Lannamer First and Last lines, catching up on posting Nano here

First line of the …6th of November
“No. If I’m lucky, you might be half as useful and twice as noisy.”

Last line of the 14th
But what I’m saying is, if I’m not rank to take a captive home, neither are you, trefoil.”

I’ve written 7830 words on Into Lannamer and 25,210 words total this month.

Urm… remember how I wasn’t doing Nano?

I’m still not. Really. Um. Honestly.

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