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When you see this, post three lines from three wips you have

From scribble-myname

Lines picked from where I left off

“Creepy.” Cynara stared at the barn, at the lift slowly lowering the Jeep, at the warehouse they were coming down into. “This is not exactly inspiring any confidence in this Adder’s Who—”

“Addergoole.” Luke Hunting-Hawk was not the most talkative of travel companions, and he clearly didn’t want to be out here hauling her in.

“I wonder if you can test them for aether use? I wonder what you’d call it, then, if you wanted to be accurate? Natural aetherics? Hunh, you’d think they’d already call it that, then.”

“You gonna eat or you gonna sit there and whine all morning? I’m sure the schmuck in the next cell over will eat your breakfast with pleasure.”

Cell. They’d said cell.

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