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Journals of Loss, a story of the Aunt Family for Patreon

Rosaria and Willard kept journals when he left the family. This story covers the beginnings of those journals: anger, fear, and loss.

I told Rosie I’d write down my experiences, but it’s been three days since I left the family formally, and this is the first time I’ve been able to stand putting pen to paper.

It is still unpleasant to think about, much less to analyze, but the knowledge is rare, even if the situation is unpleasant. When people leave the family – which happens so rarely Rosie and I could think of only two – they do not normally leave behind notes on their departure….

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So I’ve been playing with paper dolls (Reiassan fashion…)


And I made up a bunch of them to fit This paper doll to see if I could get the layering down.

…there really should be at least one more skirt layer…

This is Rin-Era, someone working in a middle-status job, like a city bureaucrat and –I just realized I didn’t check the buttoning side–

Oh, good. they all button to the right hip. Even if there’s a sort of excessive amount of decorative buttoning.

I tell you, button-maker has to be a high-status job in Reiassan.

Edited to add: the whole scrapbook!

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Note to self (re. planning wordcount)

Having a 10,000-word project (novella), a 6,000-word project (Edally), and a 4,000-word project (Ghost) in a month and a 25K goal for the month only works if you have less than 5K additional work.

Patreon is approx. 2.5K now.

There’s that commission you just finished, that was ~3K this month.

Then there’s the 6K submission story…

Math is one’s friend.

(also, I need to leave at least 1.5K for fun projects, and since I really want my “fun” to run about 10-20% of my wordcount, I need to allow for that, too. That means for a 25000 work-wordcount goal, I need to write ~27,700-31,250 words).

Conclusion: I need to shrink my project goals per month. Or increase my wordcount by 10-25%.

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