Mug Cakes!

We have been experimenting with mug cakes. Have you encountered these? They’re essentially tiny, single-serving cakes cooked in the microwave – theoretically in a mug.

Last night we made this one, an applesauce cinnamon cake. I added in 1/2 T of wheat bran for fiber, but it really did then need a little extra liquid. I think my homemade applesauce is cooked down more than store-bought, as well.

That being said, while a bit dense, it was super tasty. After a veggie-heavy dinner, one serving was easily split between the two of us.

Tonight we did this one, chocolate on top of chocolate.
I swapped out 1/2T of the flour for more cocoa, subbed out 1/2T of milk with egg whites, and did my standard chocolate-plus-one of subbing out some of the vanilla with Patron XO Cafe and adding in a 1/4 teas of espresso powder. When we do it again, I’ll add in 1/8 teas of salt, too, but with a scoop of vanilla ice cream, this was ~delicious~.

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7 thoughts on “Mug Cakes!

  1. I’ve never made one from scratch, but I do have some baggies of “just add milk and microwave for a minute” mixes in my pantry. Chocolate mini-cake made in abig glass and then topped with vanilla ice cream is nummy.

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