Making a fantasy map with lentils~

First things first: hattip [personal profile] becka_sutton, for showing me this video.

This is my attempt at creating Yet Another Fantasy World via the “pile of stuff on the paper” method.

Images moved here.

First attempt: sort of a shark under the US. Not quite the look I wanted.

Second attempt: much closer.

Close-up of the lower islands.

And here’s the draft map!

Next up: Mountains

Edited to add: dimensions


And Atlantis:


(this is for the setting I’ve been working on for a story whose working title is Portal Bound)

P.S. North is to the right on all these. Not sure why the images insist on being rotated.

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2 thoughts on “Making a fantasy map with lentils~

  1. Hmm. I should pull this out and see about maybe finally getting a map for my Islands setting (a bunch of islands nestled together out in the middle of an ocean, and sadly my handful of notes went poof years ago so I’ll need to recreate everything).

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