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Give me a character, and I will write (up to) three pieces of sexual headcanon for them.

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    • Doug Youth Doug in his 20’s experimented with just about anything he thought would piss his father off, which included dance, strange and exotic fashions, and sexual partners of all stripes. He discovered that he was not entirely “into” guys, but he did have one partner he enjoyed spending time with for quite some time – a delicate, fey man who shared many of Doug’s interests. Adulthood Doug has never been comfortable with his appearance, which ended up meaning a series of disastrous relationships which he sabotaged unintentionally. For the period leading up to Addergoole, he tended towards maternal women who would coddle and protect him, but he found the coddling stifling and it never lasted long. Addergoole Doug finds being around his father brings out many of his more aggressive-male tendencies and being around his grandmother (Mike) brings out much of his sexual nature. His fling with Massima was born out of a desire to mark the Thorne Girls as his and an attraction to their fierce flame. When Ana (his Student and later his lover) developed a relationship with the very fey Teal, Doug felt himself having similar feelings for Teal. He doesn’t so much want to fuck Teal as he wants to mark him.

    • Oof, this is not as easy as it sounds. Consideration: Agmund Fridmar is a patient and considerate lover. He does not always take his time getting to know the women he beds (and they are always women), but he does take his time once they are alone. Women say a lot of unpleasant things about Agmund as a romantic partner, but rarely if ever about him as a sexual one. Variety: Agmund really does enjoy variety in his life, and has a hard time staying with any one woman for a length of time. This is a pity, as he enjoys the platonic company of women, and has a hard time balancing that with the romantic company he so often ends up mucking about. A lyric comes to mind: And I can’t keep a girl, no ‘Cause as soon as the sun comes up I cut ’em all loose and work’s my excuse But the truth is I can’t open up -“I Took A Pill In Ibiza”, Mike Posner Age: Agmund’s preference is for women who look and act adult, at least into their late twenties and preferably well into their fifties. He has bedded students with very particular reason, but he likes older women – and if they are actually older than him, even better.

    • Winter Winter likes things orderly, tidy, neat. This causes some to assume that he doesn’t have a sex drive. Winter does like sex. He accepts it as a natural part of life – because life itself is neither tidy nor orderly, but that is part of a grander order. (Winter’s brain is an interesting place sometimes). but Winter doesn’t necessarily like urgent sex, sex-need, sex-drive. He likes things in their time and place. (Winter is the most controlled of the four siblings, in most cases). Winter could be, if he chose to be – and there was a two-year period right after college where he did and was – a very attentive, thorough, and /good/ dom. He likes rules, after all, and he likes order. Sometimes, that’s what a sub needs. His sexuality is much more based on compatibility, personality, and a few particular body parts – eyes, the hollow of the throat, the hollow of the back – than it is gender or sex.

      • Yes. He(?)’s a teenager — or at least behaves rather like one — but from what we’ve seen, dragon sex is incredibly complicated. So, being a troublesome sort, I thought I’d ask for the one most likely (if human) to be thinking about it, even if he’s not actually doing it at the times of the stories.

        • IIRC, Jimmy is addressed as “he” because his … presentation is most readily interpreted by humans that way. Similarly, his parents are interpreted as “mom” and “dad” by the humans by gender presentation conventions (which IIRC they offered as simpler for interspecies communication), not because they have distinct sexes. (I have a notion that the dragons don’t have sexes in the way humans do, but that may be over-reading and it’s actually unspecified?) Lyn introduced draconic pronouns, and … I think they were more or less by age? (And yes, totally making trouble, which I take the blame for. ETA: I could not instigate trouble if would prefer that.)

          • Aldersprig does not mind trouble being instigated!! And I believe you’re right on the pronouns, def. on the sexes.

              • Robbie Yeah, you do like them difficult. Robbie may not be a virgin, but he hasn’t had a world of experience, either: a couple girls, one a year ahead of him in school, one her older sister, four years older than him. Robbie likes women that take charge. He’d never say that. He might not even think it. But he certainly fantasizes about it. Let’s see. He’s a teenaged boy, with a teenaged boy’s urges and err, speed, and he’s already working on work-arounds for that, ways to keep going longer, ways to make sure his partners are pleased. He’s not so much attentive as he is understanding that good performance means repeat performances, and he likes encores. He does not masturbate while on Eva’s property and has a really hard time convincing himself it’s okay once he moves into the family guest house. He may ask Beryl or Chalce for a ward against spirits without explaining why.

                • Halping! 🙂 Trouble is not supposed to make the writing easier. I think. Most of the time? Right with Robbie on that discomfort about who or what might be observing him on Family property. There may be privacy protocols he doesn’t know — perhaps someone (Stone?) will take pity and talk to him about that sort of thing? A ward against spirits won’t do any good against, say, Radar.

              • Radar Radar is a cat, or, at least, he’s in the body of a tomcat, and he’s been in the body of that tomcat for quite a long time. Something in the back of his mind sometimes rebels at having sex with female cats, but most of the time, if there is not an Aunt or someone with the spark and the family blood around him, these days Radar tends to default to mostly-cat anyway. When around those people… well, Radar is attracted to the spark, the power that makes an Aunt. Which is a wee bit awkward, being in the body of a cat and all. I don’t really know enough about the last two on your list, sorry!

                • You really don’t have to take my trouble-making seriously. *Especially* when I label it as such. “The spark” being *only* the power carried by folks in the Aunt Family, or would someone outside the family lines with power from a different source also qualify? … You said “the spark and family blood”, so … distinct but both necessary? … and he remembers, sort of, being a non-sentient kitten, but thus far declines to tell us what changed. Hrm!

                  • *grin* so noted. But I got the “easy” ones done. Distinct but both necessary, yes. Radar is Of the Family and By the Family.

    • Ruan College Ruan had a couple “gal pals” with whom she experimented quite a bit during her university years. Her favorite, Mary Helena, liked to tease Ruan for being more than a bit of a power bottom: Ruan would happily submit to whatever Mary Helena wanted to do, but even so, she was always quite certain what she wanted and what Mary Helena should get from her. When most of her cousins were finding men and getting married/getting pregnant as soon as possible, post-college Ruan had a long-term male lover with whom she absolutely refused to engage in reproductive activities. They had a very entertaining relationship that involved just about everything else, however, including some interesting mechanical toys. She took a long time to get intimate with Johias, not because she wasn’t interested, but because he was very cautious and, she thought, a bit shy. When it turned out that he was simply concerned about her Aunthood and a bit deviant in the bedroom (which also caused him quite some concern), they ended up having sex for the first time in the midst of their workshop… …which has its fair share of things that can be repurposed for sexual exploits.

    • Jimmy… Let’s see. Dragons DO have a procreative drive, but being a complicated species with very complicated procreation, this ends up being more of a quest-drive: Dragons build nice nests and find the right things, often travelling across the whole world in hopes of bringing home exactly the right things so that their eggs might be properly fertilized. Jimmy is young, adolescent, and is starting to feel both the nesting and the questing urges. Cx’za (He) wanders further from home and, on the rare occasion cx’za finds another dragon of the right age, they spend time talking of quests and assessing their scents. Scents are important to a dragon; you want the nest to smell right. Jimmy has a small hoard started in the basement ofCxaidin and Zizny’s house, but will not have a proper nest until cx’za finds a home with a mate (or more than one mate).

      • Well, that’s *fascinating*. Not that I should be encouraging *more* more threads when you’re on a followup streak. <is a bad influence>

      • So dragons — at least here — do have a reason for the hoard other than greed. And presumably an excellent sense of smell. (Do they go for things like ambergris, myrrh, and such?) It’s also sounded like dragons live in a fairly limited (set of?) area(s?), so questing has got to be troublesome, especially at their size. How do they stay hidden while doing this? A Hitchhiker-esque SEP field? That, and I suspect collecting things might be easier — assuming they have something akin to the Internet — by ordering off Amazon or similar. Or is that cheating?

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