“I don’t believe…” a ficlet for the (long-over) Impossible Situations mini-call

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This is to a combination of LIlfluff‘s and rix_Scaedu‘s prompts here

“I don’t believe in aliens.” The elf lord stuck his chin out and glared at the gathered others. “There is life aplenty on this planet, for one. For another, the stars are gods-lights trailing across the ceiling of the world. There is no place for these ‘alien beings’ to come from.”

Others on the council nodded their heads. “There are the gods, but they do not visit this planet except in cases of extreme emergency.” A grey-haired elf ticked off points on her long fingers. “There are us, the fae of Underhill and the Hidden Vale. There are humans. There are the water-borne, who are neither fae nor human. That is more than enough for anyone to deal with.”

The messenger cleared his throat uncomfortably. Up until a week ago, he hadn’t believed in aliens either – and until half an hour ago, he hadn’t believed in elves. “Be that as it may, ma’am, sir, everyone… but the aliens want a breeding pair of unicorns, and you are our last hope of finding any.”

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8 thoughts on ““I don’t believe…” a ficlet for the (long-over) Impossible Situations mini-call

  1. Are the elves going to get a lesson in modern human astrophysics? Or are both the astrophysics and the elvish metaphysics correct? (And really, none of that would seem to matter if there are no unicorns to be had.) And now I want to know how people found the elves in the first place.

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