Strong Enough? A side story of a fic

Written to [personal profile] clare_dragonfly‘s suggestion of a continuation for this piece, written for the Dungeon and Cave call in 2014.

“Babe, I’m strong enough for whatever you want.” He could taste the beer on his belch. Could she smell it?

She wrinkled her nose. Yes. And no; she shook her head. “I don’t think you are.”

The woman walked away from Craig, the turn of her heel dismissing him. Craig let out a breath slowly, as inaudibly as he could, and did not turn to watch her.

Still, even through the noise of the bar, he could hear Rick’s answer. Maybe Rick was. Maybe Rick would walk out the other side intact. Craig didn’t know. He barely knew Rick to talk sports with him, much less…

…well, there were things you didn’t talk about with your buddies, and there were things you didn’t talk about at all. That lesson, Craig hadn’t needed to learn the hard way.

With any luck, there’d only be the one lesson he’d had to learn hard: When a certain kind of woman thinks about challenging you…

…don’t let it get to the challenge. Don’t even let it get to the thinking, if you can avoid it. Be pitiful, be lamentable, be ridiculous. But don’t let her challenge you.

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