#3WW Three-Word Wednesday – Ignorance/Bliss, a ficlet of Fae Apoc

Written to today’s  Three-Word Wednesday prompt: Happy-go-lucky, Ignorant Joyous.  Fae Apoc setting, post apoc.

Eurion remembered a time when common wisdom had said it was bliss to be ignorant. 
It was an odd time to be musing on that, he supposed, as he picked through the wreckage of a former suburb. 
He understood the concept, of course: "what you don’t know can’t hurt you;" you were supposed to be happy-go-lucky and full of cheer if you didn’t know what horrors awaited you. 
These people – these people probably hadn’t thought of themselves as ignorant.  They’d been teachers or lawyers or accountants.  But then everything had fallen to shit, and the things they’d needed to know hadn’t been the things they’d known.  
Ignorance might have been bliss in the old world, but the mess in front of Eurion was hardly joyous. 

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