In Which I’ve Discovered Bullet Journals

If you look at my twitter feed lately, you may have noticed that I’ve developed a bit of obsession.

// Journals!

(my Pinterest board will tell a similar story, but we’ve already discussed how many of you don’t like Pinterest…)

I’m not all that good at remembering to do things; I’m not all that good at maintaining habits once I start them. That whole, “do a thing for xx days and then you’ll keep doing it? Doesn’t happen for me; I stop on the xx+1 day and just… stay stopped.

It’s a little too soon to tell for sure, and there’s always, of course, the question of how much I’m going to get wrapped up in the pretty bits – banners! Color coding! Icons!

// at the moment, it seems to be helping me hold to things I want to remember to do everyday, so I’ll count it as at least a short-term win. Dishes every night! Walkies every night! Edally is almost back on schedule!

Bonus? I made a “weight loss” page in my bullet journal (It’s up there in the September Set-up, with the bubbles) … and then I started doing Weight Watchers again. Maybe this’ll be the thing that actually makes me stick to it this time!

Current mood: optimistic, with pretty banners. 🙂

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0 thoughts on “In Which I’ve Discovered Bullet Journals

  1. I am finding BuJo encouraging. I kept a paper notebook for years. It was my back-up braindrive. A few years ago, I tried to migrate all of that to my computer. It did not work. I’m so happy to have my extra brain space back at my side again!

  2. I know some people find them useful, but I’d burn way too much time drawing silly things in the book instead of doing what it was supposed to remind me to do. 🙂 Only two of us said nasty things about Pinterest, IIRC? And twitter seems to be limiting backlogged access for those not logged in, too, alas. <sigh> The internet wants me to log in and be even easier to track.

    • Conveniently, “drawing silly things” is one of the things I want to do more of, sooooo. Two is enough to make me remember? Maybe I’ll start using Instagram…!

      • Woot, more maps! 🙂 I am so not the person to try to please with your social media choices. Do what works well for you. The squarky people (guilty as charged) will squark regardless.

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