Conlang all year round – SeNTAXember in September

Oh no, September is syntactical rules and I’ve already covered the easy bit, sentence order… wait, have I?

I covered Old Tongue’s in JuLECTURary, but not Calenyen’s.

Calenyen is Subject-Object-Verb, with most modifiers being tacked on to the end of words. Tense is added to the beginning of verbs (Goat-red food-low pasttense-Is-Loudly bleating-at).

Old Tongue Also normally adds modifiers after the subject of the modifier, a holdover from their system of diacritical marks in the original ideography.

I think Old Tongue does some funky things with tense, but I’m not sure what yet, or how. And I just learned about Anaphora and think Old Tongue uses this heavily.

Short post! But it doesn’t take many words to say S-O-V, V-S-O. 🙂

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Febmanteau 1
Polysemarch 1
Juneme 1
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Augovernust 1
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