Weekend! With Cap and Morn, Sledgehammers and firewood

I have to say, I get a kick out of walking in to a hardware store in my girliest outfits and buying, say, a sledgehammer…

It’s been a lot of yardwork and then some more yardwork lately. Moving firewood around, re-organizing the barn to better fit more firewood in there – and to be able to cut large piece of plywood and 2x10x10s, so as to make a bedframe…

And also, I got to smash a toilet to bits. That was fun. 😀

Somewhere in there, though, I drove to Rochester to see [twitter.com profile] capriox_b and [twitter.com profile] psygeek at Capriox’s house! (Also, there were cows, dogs, kitties, and a cow-milking robot!)

It was awesome to see old friends (Cap) and new friends (Psygeek) and to actually meet up with interwebs people. Also, in a nice coincidence, Cap lives just a couple blocks from my parents and my aunt & uncle, so I squeezed in a little extra visitation while I was in town. It made for a very very nice weekend.

Also, I discussed the definition of “necessary shoes” and “ridiculous boots” (https://www.instagram.com/p/BKMBtO3BFqT/), thought about winter wardrobes, and fixed my clothes steamer whilst researching water softeners. Anyone have one they really like?

This weekend, we’re going to The Big E. No idea what to expect, but I hear it’s fun!

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  1. The Big E! I have been once — I blame , who’s fond of county fairs. There are lots and lots of animals to see — rabbits and chickens and sheep (primped for showing and wearing their ridiculous coats to keep them from getting mussed) and all kinds of critters. Herding dogs demonstrating their skills. Crafts competitions — I think we spent an hour or more just staring at quilts. Fruit and vegetable and flower and gardening displays. Giant pumpkins! Honey. And then all the general festival/fair things beyond the agricultural stuff — food and drink and games and music and all kinds of things for sale. So many, many, many booths. And a whole lot of people.

    • Ooooh chickens. Chickens at fairs are awesome This sounds awesome. I couldn’t get T. to the state fair this year – I guess I get a bigger one instead. …and fried dough? …I wonder how many calories are in fried dough?

      • It’s multi-state fair. It’s VAST. Oh, I think there was a building for each state with state-specific displays, too? I probably have some details muddled with the Topsfield fair. A lack of fried dough would surprise me. Ask not about the calorie count of fair food! Also I will put in a good word for the tempura veggies. 🙂

        • There is a building for each of the six New England states, with state-specific displays and/or shops as well. While there are a substantial number of New York visitors and competitors (and presumably businesses), they don’t have their own building. There’s also butter sculpture, and parades around the grounds, and a midway full of rides and “throw the thing at the target” games, and various competitions throughout the two weeks the fair is on, and if there isn’t fried dough I’ll find a hat to eat instead.

  2. I have the biggest grin on my face right now. The mental image I got from that opening sentence is awesome. Thank you for that, heeheehee.

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