Showcasing… “prompt” call

I need… a 1000-word story idea that showcases one of my settings. Any setting. Except Unicorns.

Pick a setting, give me an idea?

They might all get written, eventually.

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  1. What are you trying to show off? Are these intro stories, standalones, things to pitch or sell …? DND: Something like Princess and Dragon or Consulting? Maybe Jimmy’s perspective on moving in and becoming buddies with Jin? Aunts: Eva helps one of the teens through an issue; Ruan and Johais investigating an artifact; Beryl and Radar and Lam looking at some of Lam’s options (… that may take too much context, but witch-negotiating-for-a-familiar is a setup story — maybe introducing some of the cousins to Lam and seeing if there’s a good match?); Rosaria telling an archetype story, and reflections on it? The Fairy Road is a pretty solid intro piece for Fairy Town. Something with Father Nehemiah, Mrs. Bao or Mirandabelle, and the kirkevaren if you want to introduce a different aspect of it — maybe Father Nehemiah making a housecall and wanting/needing some additional support? <ponders>

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