November Writing List

So this

is my current project list for November.

But I know me. I know that I do better with some fun stuff on the list. And I know my call-for-random-numbers people. I know that less than 7 items makes people less into the game.


is my October list as it stands today.

And this

is stuff that’s fallen off the list.

“Bingo” is currently H/C Bingo.
The 7th Sanctum link is:
Some of the others, I’m not even sure: Ask if you want to know.

I need three projects to play with during November. What should they be?

1. Finish It
2. Arisse
3. Showcasing
4. Hurt/Comfort Bingo
5. Addergoole
6. Beekeeper

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0 thoughts on “November Writing List

  1. What are “novella” and “ghost”? I am being ridiculously gleeful about much of what you’re writing for the Finish It bingo (and owe a comment or three), but I put in the lion’s share of the prompts, so blatant self-interest. 🙂 Are you planning to put aside the other semi-regular stuff for Nano? i’ll suggest putting a fun fluff / inspiration of the moment entry on the list, or picking something you write for fun that works well in short segments to leaven the big projects. That or “bribe” on the theory that it’s trade-for-words fiction that gets you other stuff you want.

    • Whoops, “ghost” is a … well, ghost entry. I try to make sure I write certain things every xx entries (the dotted lines) so sometimes I put in placeholders. Because I like complications. All the complications Novella is a sideline project of, well, novellas. What do you count as semi-regular? Sadly, “Write something fun” tends to get me hung up and worried about what’s fun <.< OH BRIBE I forgot BRIBE I should ask Cal what I was bribing for!

      • You’ve been posting segments of a couple of buffy crossovers, and of fourth husband, fairly regularly. (And were doing the Narnia crossover regularly for a bit, but IIRC got wedged on that one.) And I think something else I’m forgetting. Are those all off for November? Novellas for sale? Is that different from submissions? Is “write something for a lark” or “about whatever caught your eye recently” or something like that better than “for fun”? Or something from one of your bingo cards, where you have plenty of choices and are mostly writing short things?

        • Yeah, I want to pick up Narnia again but it ate me. Buffy is on slow-down for November, ditto 4th Husband (people will probably revolt; that one’s been surprisingly popular). Novella is a… thing. (e-mailed) Yeah, any “write off the list” thing just… doesn’t work well, unless I am just going to sit down and, I dunno, write a song fic. And that’s usually not when I’m on the list.

          • Then Nano is a fine excuse to take a month off from it. But then someone will suggest it, since you’ve asked for suggestions.

          • well, then they’re giving me feedback, and that’s good. I like feedback. I like rewarding it. <.<

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