Giraffe (Zebra) Call Day Two: Prompt Away

Good morning everyone!

(or good afternoon, good evening, good night)

It’s Day Two of my Giraffe (Zebra) Call, and it’s looking to be a good one!

Check out the Call for prompts, read the stories I’ve already posted, and, if you haven’t left a prompt, go and leave some.

I’ll be here, writing about falling leaves 😀

Zebra Summary

Time for a (Zebra) Giraffe Call – Explanation
Autumn 2017 Giraffe (Zebra) Call: Autumn, Autumn (Roundtree)*, Fall, and Falling

The Empire Falls; The Emperor Stands
Mad Kings and Handmaidens
Giraffe-Zebra Linkback Story
Catalog People
Down to Talen Hall

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