Happy Monday! Giraffing Will Continue Until Morale Improves!

Happy Monday, guys!  My Giraffe (Zebra) Call is still going strong:

Here on WordPress and Here on Dreamwidth.

Tell your friends!  Tell your enemies, especially if they like fiction!  Tell your dog, especially if he has a Paypal account 🙂

Speaking of telling people, the Signal Boost story continues apace.  Let me know if you have boosted and I haven’t credited your boosts – and yes, you can boost again, especially if I have written to your prompt.

If I haven’t written to your prompt, I am working my way through the list and will get there soon.

If you haven’t prompted…. go prompt?  The theme is Autumn, Autumn, fall, and falling.  It’s got a lot of room for interpretation and I encourage you to interpret as broadly or as narrowly as you wish.

The stories written so far include:

and more are coming every day!

Check in, give ‘em a read, and then come back and prompt 🙂


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