Conlang for Lexember!!

I am going to build a language for one of the Cursteroids races.

Today I am going to decide what I want it to sound like.


Okay, it’s a whistley language with some stops and some long vowels.

And since it’s LEX ember…
Feee-t’tpp, which will get a better transcription later, is a semi-onomatopoeic swoop/dive.

Oh, I guess this is a flying race. Good to know!

Day… Eight!

The Sshoou (ai) Tch are a race of humanoid fliers – technically gliders.  They live in a wooded area in a temperate clime and do not focus very heavily on building, preferring  to focus their artistic and logistic efforts on very small mechanisms.

Thus, their houses look like little more than tree forts, and those who come into the valley often underestimate them, while the Sshoou (ai) Tch (most other peoples call them just the Shou) stay in there eyries and make brilliant, if tiny, inventions.

Okay, first, a sound inventory.

I’ve used F, t, pp, S, sh, tch
ee, e, oou, (a)

Secondly, the language.  It evolved from the language of the people who originally lived in this place (often called the ground-grandpas or dirt-ancestors), but lost some nuance and gained different nuances after the Curse Asteroid hit the place and, well, destroyed a lot of their original burgeoning civilization.

The word-group Sshoou (ai) Tch originated from aitekka shoun, People of the Air, in what we’re going to call Dirt Tongue (peh), and  means, more or less, sentient birds.

Okay, now I have people and a word meaning “swoop”

Someone give me a vocabulary something to make some words up for?

One thought on “Conlang for Lexember!!

  1. Air, wind (gradations from faint breeze to gale), vortex, downdraft, updraft.
    Cloud, thin cloud cover… Oh, wait, they’re gliders, not flyers, so they will rarely if ever be getting into the clouds. Could easily have words for them, though: we ground-bounds have had them probably as long as we’ve had language.
    Clear air, light mist, … several gradations all the way to fog so heavy you cannot see your hand in front of your face.
    Several kinds of aerial dance.
    Kinship terms.

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