Tootplanet: Captain’s Log Sector 8, Subectors 6, 7, & 8

Star Log Sec8 Sub6

Exit, pursued by a bear.

Or, in our case, a very large armada of very small ships.  Not tiny, the way that that one planet still stands in the mind, but one- or two-person ships, from the looks of things, all with impressive armament.  

It is not so much like being nibbled to death by ducks as it is stabbed by a thousand toddlers, which, admittedly, is not any better.

We made it out of the sector and halfway to the next sector before they stopped chasing us.  Now we’re looking for a place to make repairs.

Sending rec to HQ that they quarantine  Subsector 5 and all connected subs.

Star Log Sec8 Sub7

If a bear shits in the woods…

…it has definitely shit on this planet.

I thought the weapons-test planet in Sector 8-5 was bad enough. Now we’ve found what we’re betting is 8-6-1’s dump planet.

There are little robots skittering around, sorting trash and moving it into processing facilities.  There are dump ships that land here – we’ve seen one so far.

Oh, ffs. Trem has found indigenous sentient life living amongst the trash dumps.

Do the 8-6-1 sentients even KNOW?  Are they dumping on another civilization – or the ruins of their own?

I want out of here.

Star Log Sec8 Sub8

We moved quickly out of Sector 8-7 — maybe not quickly enough.  We were followed by one small ship right up to the edge of this planet’s space — where the ship immediately turned around and zoomed back towards Sector 6.

This planet is just as inhabited as 8-6-1, but far cleaner.

“Too clean,” Oina joked, but it might not be a joke.

Their broadcasts are very, very tidy.  I might not understand the language but I understand the feeling.  Their planet is very bright, pristine.

I got us out of there before they decided we needed cleaning.


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