Tootplanet: Captain’s Log Sector 8, Subectors 4 & 5

Star Log Sec8 Sub4-1

After a long trip between subsectors with nothing but gas giants and tiny dead worlds, we came upon a plush world.

Not lush, plush.  This world is covered with a long coating of plants that look like fur.  They move in undulating waves from one section to the other such that it looks like a round, breathing animal with a watery belt.

This fluffy world is inhabited by equally fluffy creatures and beings, from round things like a mouse to tool-using being with two skinny upper limbs that bounce or roll from place to place.

Star Log Sec8 Sub4-2

That was the closest call we have had in a log time.

We did only cursory readings on this planet; it’s a lifeless rock with a very thin N2 atmosphere.

But as we were ready to leave, another ship – not one of ours – came swooping down on the planet, did a quick round of attacks, and left.

And again.

And again.

The fourth ship – possibly the fourth visit of the same ship – decided to attack US, too, while we were attempting to hail them.  We got out of there just in time.

Suggest this sector may be too dangerous for settlement.

Star Log Sec8 Sub5

I think we’ve found the source of the bombers from 8-4-2.

We are cloaked using the prototype Paetherel technology we picked up just before this run.  We are running on radio silence and, just to be careful, actual silence. The ship sounds like a graveyard, but better sound that way than be that way.

This planet is terrifying.  It is composed, as far as we can tell, of 3 major factions and at least a dozen smaller ones, and they are all attacking each other – both on-planet and on orbiting space stations and satellite habitats.

We are not sending a greeting.

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