Tootplanet: Captain’s Log Sector 8, Subector T

Star Log Sec8 Sub3-1

Lizard people.

We had begun to think that they were a scifi trope without any merit when we found this planet.

Actual lizard people.

Not bipeds, but they have a culture & technology, tools & electronics and, possibly most importantly, radio. And television! Or visual-spectrum broadcast, at least.

We sent them a greeting message.

They are the most brilliantly-colored lizards I have ever seen!

Star Log Sec8 Sub3-2

Not that far from the lizard-people planet, we found a gas giant, mostly Hydrogen atmosphere, swirling with massive storms.

One of the two moons, a very wet planetoid with dense bioluminescent forests, held sentient but not high-tech inhabitants – octopods – who had giant telescopes pointing at the planet.

Avoiding detection by those scopes became a dance of navigation. Kept our pilots on their toes!

Star Log Sec8 Sub3-3

I would call this planet small were it not for the ridiculous tiny planet that we found earlier.

It orbits in the path of at least three asteroid belts, but around its beautiful meadows and forests – the view even from space is gorgeous – are rolling, dome-like buildings filled with – well, with Yeti.

These tall humanoids have developed cybernetics but not radio or other broadcast media that we can detect, nor space travel.

We sent a greeting probe.  I wish we could explore their buildings.

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