Fun Facts About the (Faerie) Apocalypse

Originally posted on Patreon in July 2018 and part of the Great Patreon Crossposting to WordPress.

  1. Fae Apoc was born because I wanted to write a serial like Tales of MU (long-running modern-esque fantasy university serial with a heavy dose of BDSM and many other kinks).  It came off of the Tír na Cali setting and, as such, there’s still some visible similarities, even beyond the collars.
  2. Other elements in the Fae Apoc ‘verse came from three short stories I was working on, one based on things I had wanted out of a roleplay reincarnation set-up and never gotten and the other two having heavy overtones of a group of people I used to live with. (Midnight Cigarette, Wings, and a piece whose title I don’t remember).  Oh!  And a piece I don’t think I ever finished about closing portals.
  3. The core words in the Ellehemaei lexicon came from a babble-language that I used to speak to myself, although they were nudged a bit for consistency.
  4. “Kept/Keeper” was originally supposed to be one casual term out of many; that’s part of the reason that in more recent serial stories I’ve been trying on different terms
  5. The Laws of the Ellehemaei were literally written to screw the protagonists.  Of course, in-setting, they were made to screw with (punish, control) the fae, so this works out pretty well.
  6. Fae Apoc is the only setting currently that will be willed to someone other than my husband on my death (Inspector Caracal).
  7. I have only sold one published story out of Fae Apoc – Monster Godmother (

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7 thoughts on “Fun Facts About the (Faerie) Apocalypse

  1. Re: Of course, in-setting, they were made to screw with (punish, control) the fae, so this works out pretty well.

    In ‘verse, who wrote those rules? (And when, and why, and how are they enforced (it wouldn’t be the only giant enchantment in place)? Is this already written up somewhere?)

    • I don’t think it’s written up anywhere, but I might be wrong!

      In ‘verse, they were made by the Gods, the Actual Gods (well, Actual Ancient Fae Who were REALLY Powerful) to restrict and limit their disobedient and difficult children/descendants. They are a really giant enchantment bending the force of the world itself.

        • Survey says… Yes- but.

          Here, a little more.

          (Quoting with modification from a conversation with Cal, who holds my fae memory)*

          The assumption would have been they didn’t need to bother undoing the Working because there “aren’t any Ellehemaei left on Earth anyway” (i.e., Fullbloods.)

          if the Laws were intended to make the fae behave then they probably did do something similar on Elleheim but not the same and possibly changed at various points
          but that depends on where the hell the Actual Gods went


          * Speaking of, should I leave you Aunt Family and/or Dragons in my will and Have I Asked You this Already?

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