Beauty-Beast 40: Yourself

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“…We should do what we have to with our day.”  The look on Timaios’ face had nothing to do with business and everything to do with business.  But his words… he had to pay attention to his words.

Ctirad cleared his throat.  “As you wish, sir.”

Timaios’ expression, if anything, became more lascivious.   “Oh, oh Ctirad, you are delicious right now.  Can you smile a little for me?”

“For ‘delicious,’ sir, I can smile more than a little.”  He let his lips turn up in a broad smile and lowered his chin, not out of shyness but to look up at his owner through his eyelashes.  “I’m glad you the way I look in the clothes you bought me, sir. Timaios.” He shifted one hip, posing. “And when we are done with business I hope you like taking them off of me too.”

“Mmm.  You bet that I will.  And you minx, you are doing your best to make me want to go right back upstairs, aren’t you?”

The smile and the body language said that it wasn’t a real complaint, so Ctirad didn’t stop smiling.  He bowed again to Timaios. “If I seem as if I want you to take me upstairs, sir, it’s not because I am trying to tease you, I promise.  It’s because… well.” He cleared his throat, all of his pretty language gone. “The way you look at me, the way you touch me… it makes me want to go back upstairs.”

“It is, one hundred percent and then some, the way you ought to be treated – by your lover and Owner at least, if not by every stranger on the street.  You deserve it and more, Ctirad.” Timaios cleared his throat.  “But I must be the responsible one and remember that we have obligations and business matters.  So. Let me see you again.”

He hadn’t quite been hoping that this would lead straight to sex, but he still found himself a little disappointed.  An order was, however, an order. Ctirad put one hand around the other wrist at the small of his back and waited, not quite posing but submitting to inspection.  Timaios walked around him twice.

“You look like… Hrrm.  Yes. You look like yourself,” he decided, sounding both pleased and a little surprised. “At least, I believe this is who you might be, under the nerves and the facade.”

“Sir?”  He cleared his throat.  “Uh. What do you mean… Tim?”

“Well done.” Timaios grinned, although only for a moment.  It was enough to send warmth straight down Ctirad’s spine. “It’s good to get in the habit of talking to me as you will when we’re in public.  And…” Timaios, thoughtful again, gestured up and down Ctirad’s body. “You look at home like this. It looks like someone that you could be, in the right situation.”

“I -” Ctirad gave it a moment’s thought. “I feel at home.  This feels right.”  He swallowed considerately.  “Sir. Sir, I think I like this… Tim.  Timaios.”

It was important, and he was stuttering.  He wanted to kick himself. But his Owner didn’t look annoyed; if anything, he looked intrigued.  “Good. That’s good to know, Ctirad. Thank you for telling me.” He kissed the top of Ctirad’s head – even with the boots, he was still a lot taller; but the whole world was taller than Ctirad. For once, it felt nice instead of horrible. “Let’s get business done, and then we can talk some more.”

“Yes, sir.  Lead on.” He bowed a little, feeling playful.

“With someone as beautiful as you to follow me, I would lead into hell itself.”  Timaios headed out of the office.

“I – I don’t think that’s how the quote goes.” Nevertheless, he was smiling.  

“No?  Well, I guess I’ll have to make the new version popular until everyone thinks the right one is wrong.  Benefits of being rich, my lovely Ctirad. Benefits of being rich. Ah, like this. Hello, Sal. You know where we’re going.”

Sal held the door for Timaios – and for Ctirad. “Yes, sir.”

“Then onward ho.  I have a good feeling about today.”


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