Work From Home Blog: Day 7

One thing I didn’t think I’d say but found myself saying yesterday was “there’s less distractions from the screen at home.”

When you take it apart, it’s kind of true. In the office, I could get up and take a walk around the building with my co-worker, no matter what the weather. That’s a five minute walk (It’s a big building).  People would stop in and want to talk (I miss the Lecturer in Recent Runes and my favorite facilities guy, who calls Nice Co-Worker and me Sisters of Mercy). Or I would get up and talk. 

Okay, I can get up and talk to Husband, but I can also, you know, Discord him and I’m trying to get him in the mindset that I am At Work between 7:30 and 4:20. 

And then, of course, most of my socialization, most of my entertainment, my writing, and now even my meetings are all on screens. 

This is actually more screen time than I used to have in the office, which is a little funny and a little migraine-inducing. 

So I’ve decided that I’m going to try to get up once an hour and do something, even if it’s just walking to the other end of the house and back twice.  I’ve got the exercise bike; I did five minutes on that in the middle of the day (Yesterday was cold and drippy. Today I could actually take a walk outside, if isn’t lying to me.)

I did okay with that yesterday, in part aided by the Dr’s appointment I thought I had (turned out it’s APRIL 24th. I Swear they gave me the wrong date….)

(Our grocery store was pretty empty; also, it still has no TP. )

How’re you guys doing with screen time?  What do you do to get away from the computer when you’re working from home?

(Or, if you’re not working from home, how are you keeping busy?)

I’m thinking of taking up yoga, but ssshhhh, don’t tell my mother. 

5 thoughts on “Work From Home Blog: Day 7

  1. I’m breaking up the day (or trying) with half an hour of gardening and a half hour walk, in the morning and afternoon.

    I also try to get up once every half hour. In my apartment I had a yoga mat set out and just did whatever stretches came to mind, but I’m not that organized here yet.

    • I was doing really well today, went to the mailbox, emptied the compost… and I’m not sure when the last time I moved was. Oops.
      Does giving myself a pedicure count?

    • The one thing I really like about here (That we’re aiming to change, lol) is that when I stretch I can flat-palm the ceiling, so I can pull in both directions.

  2. I am terrible at avoiding screens, I get off work and use one. And I walk around less at home than at work. I have a standing desk at work, not at home. I’ve been watching a lot of anime… Working from home is just not great at all given my current apartment is small and full of moving boxes.

    • Maybe we could work up a plan together? I know that I have to work hard to find things to do to make myself move and get away from screens.

      Writing a letter yesterday helped – I could dig up your last three letters and write back? 😉 Then you’d have one thing crafty that is away from a screen to do?

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