Work From Home Blog: Day 8

One thing I didn’t think I’d say but found myself saying yesterday was “there’s less distractions from the screen at home.”

Fair warning, this post’s a little mopier than the last few. 

 It’s Day 8 of work from home, and…. I am struggling with motivation. 

Okay, after 7 years of a job where my boss would somehow teleport behind me in my cube (agh!) and where I always had more work than I had time, this has been true my whole time at this job to a degree.  Like, I have to completely self-motivate, because my boss is in another country 95% of the time and cannot appear behind me without actually teleporting, but when you add that onto the sort of low-level burnout I’ve been dealing with since this thing started (argh, another meeting, argh, another memo, argh…) well, yesterday I spent a good 20 minutes giving myself a pedicure and probably 10 minutes waxing my favorite pair of shoes. 

I also got done everything I had to get done and had two meetings, one of which I actually had to participate in – though my boss was half an hour late.  *huffs*

A couple years ago we did this Wellness training, and there’s a stress curve where a certain amount of stress is good for productivity?  I feel like that’s sometimes a problem at this job, that there’s not enough urgency or stress until suddenly there is?

And right now there’s this bucket of stress unrelated to the workload and then… no urgency on the workload and my toes are going to be very pretty. 

Also, I’m getting a lot of biking done.  

(Anyone have good advice on how to move a mobile game from one mobile device to another? It’s no longer in the ap store, they’ve stopped supporting it, and my old tablet’s cracked screen is making it harder and harder to play… but it’s really good for turning a 10-minute biking session into a 40-minute one).

How are you doing with motivation, if you’re working from home?

(How are your bosses dealing?  Are they popping up in chat windows to try to motivate you?)

How’re your stress levels holding out?

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