Isolation/Lockdown & YouTube

I’ve been impressed with several of the youtubers I follow for their isolation/work from home/pandemic videos.  Sort of making lemonade from lemons sort of situation.

Today I Found Out is the podcast I’ve been listening to the most lately, and they did a show on pandemics.

Binging With Babish is a pretty awesome cooking show (also, he’s from Rochester!)  He did a pantry staple show on chickpeas and then, once he got sick, did the Cold Cure from Kenan and Kel.

Speaking of Pantry staples, check out Alton Brown’s most recent videos, including his hand washing video (go with “no cleaver.”).

And then Bon Apetit did a Cooking from Home episode which was pretty awesome.

Is there’s any working-from-home content you guys’ve been enjoying?




2 thoughts on “Isolation/Lockdown & YouTube

  1. Sci show and It’s OK To Be Smart have had episodes on what a pandemic is, how bats’ immune systems are different from ours and why that means a number of diseases come from bats, and the science of soap.

    I love Eons for really cool biology info, about prehistoric life on earth.

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