Work From Home Blog: Day 10

It’s just before day 10 of my work-from-home adventure.  I’m finding it harder to differentiate the weekends from the week.

I was watching a podcast where they were talking about tips for working from home, and one of those is probably part of my problem – have your “Work area” be just for work.

My work are is for work, and play, and writing – it was designed to be my writing office – so I’m in there no matter the day of the week. Also, I’m in the process of organizing it, so I’m in there even more.

In addition, having moved to weekend eating patterns all week long probably doesn’t help.

In short, I’m Doing Things Wrong 😉

It’s not so much that Monday still feels like the weekend, it’s that halfway through Sunday I had no idea what day of the week it was.  “Is this Friday?” That sort of feeling.

I’m not doing work on the weekends – well, not Day Job work; there’s house cleaning and firewood stacking and stuff like that – my boss scolds me if I answer an email outside of work hours.  So there’s that difference.  But with this job just not being that onerous to start with, it’s not a very huge or distinct difference (Especially when sitting through meetings is sort of like sitting through a sort of boring podcast…)

So how are you differentiating your time-off from your time-on?  Is it hard for you?

2 thoughts on “Work From Home Blog: Day 10

  1. Be careful of the heavier weekend eating patterns turning into a daily thing. It’s a very fast way to put on weight.

    I am projecting a little, so I apologise if I’ve overstepped. The past two weeks, being at home all day means I procrastinate by cooking, and stretching supplies means I actually eat carbs; being in the city means exercise isn’t really happening for me right now.

    • I have myfitnesspal open in another tab 😀 It’s a good warning; I’m being careful.

      I’ve been playing a puzzle game on my tablet while exercise biking, too; that helps.

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