Work From Home Blog: Day 11


(If someone has a suggestion or several suggestions for new topics, I’m all ears 😉 )

 So it turns out that I was wrong (a  little) about clothes. 

Also, I bought myself a new pair of pajama pants!  They are soft and super long and new, which is nice. 

I’ve been alternating pajama pants with the shirts I normally wear to work in spring & summer, since I’m in online meetings all the time and sometimes called on to turn on the camera, and have even pulled out my skirts on occasion. 

Fancy, right?

Except they’re my old black knit skirts, essentially sweat pants in skirt form.  I’m clever 😉

It’s not even that I think people will notice if I wear the same shirt every day; it just makes me happy to change my shirt more.  

Also, I noticed that some of the lower-necked shirts that I loved happen to look sort of funky on-camera; i.e, they don’t have a bottom of the neckline unless I aim the camera like it’s looking down my cleavage. 

Of which, if you’ve never seen me, I have a bit. Ahem. 

I don’t want my boss looking down my cleavage and I don’t think he wants to do so, either. 

Thus, the slightly-higher-necked shirts where the whole neckline shows on camera. 

And lighter colors because I look a little washed out in mid-March. 

The things Zoom does to you… 

How about you?  Are you spending too much time on webcam?  

4 thoughts on “Work From Home Blog: Day 11

  1. I already worked from home a fair bit, but I’ve improved my setup even more. We have a company culture of having the cams on if you are in a meeting (no audio only if you can help it). Lots of webcam time and I have a window behind me, so I’ve arranged extra bright lights so my face is not a silhouette. I’m gradually improving the appearance of the view behind me too.

    I wear the same thing I would to the office for the most part (it was already fairly casual), but I might leave out the belt or shoes. Getting dressed for work is part of putting my mind into work mode.

    • I’ve really got to get me some better lights over here. I’m backlit, which is great for working and awful for cameras.

  2. Topics, since you asked~

    What are the actual skills you use while doing the work your organisation pays you for? Bonus points for discussion of particularly odd/rarely seen skills, or an inventive application of a skill to achieve a necessary outcome

    How have you applied work stuff to writing stuff? We know your maps are often created during meetings – but are you able to describe a time you thought actual scenarios from work might make for very good plot/side plot/worldbuilding inspiration?

    Please feel free to ignore or be as vague as you want, the internet is still full of strangers and your safety comes first.

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